B1. WuLiangShan Gushu Black Tea
B1. WuLiangShan Gushu Black Tea

B1. WuLiangShan Gushu Black Tea


With charming sweet nuts, sweet potato with hints of floral and woody notes

N.W.: 30gm

Brewing suggestions:

3g:150ml, water temperature 95-99°C, infusion time: 30 – 45 sec and gradutlly increase the infusion time (subject to personal taste preference,suggest to keep under 2 minutes); , allow you to enjoy at least 6 or more infusions.

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WuLiangShan is an unique region in Yunnan provicne where they are vase numbers of ancient aged tea trees (GuShu 古树), the age of tea trees is between 80-300 or even more.  The age of tea trees also indicates the healthy conditions in the natural eco-balance in the growing region and the intensity and richness of the minerals contains that you can enjoy from the fraquence and taste.

WuLiangShan Gushu Black Tea was hand picked and only in the Spring; the local inhabitants persistently follow the old traditions to show their respects to the Nature and to the traditional culture inherits.Has

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