Mei Lan Hsiao, the founder of Belgium Chinese Tea Arts Centre, learnt the wisdom of Yin-Yang and the healthy way of drinking tea at the age of 8.  She entered the serious tea learning about tea and Qigong in Taiwan in 1985.  After moving to Belgium in 1991, she discovered the practice of all those traditional Chinese learning became her best resource to start a new life.

She started to teach and promote pure quality tea and Chinese tea culture in Belgium since 1995.

There are lots of interesting and fancy stories of tea, but there is nothing more real than a real life experience.  The practice of tea, Qigong and Chinese traditional philosophies helped her through chaotic changes in life, Now she is devoted to the practice of fundamental principles in confuciianism, Buddhism and Daoism through tea.

真 Genuine

清 Purity 

和 Harmony 

敬 Respect 

Belgium Chinese Tea Arts Centre not only provides you pure and authentic quality of tea, most importantly a devoted learning centre for:

  • Tea sommelier certified program
  • Traditional Chinese tea ceremony
  • The wisdom in Ch’an (Zen) in Buddhism, Taoism and the teaching from Confucius
  • Meridian Qigong  – Taiji Daoyin

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