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Tea Sommelier

Tea Sommelier

Preparing a cup of tea is easy, but to become a responsible tea coach to your client that requires more in-depth knowledge about tea and elements that can affects the fraquence and taste of the tea and yet the knowledge goes beyond than just tea itself.

Tea sommelier is not just a job title, it is a ‘passporthelps you to move forwards with the correct knowledge, skills and tools for life time of learning with and through tea.

The Tea sommelier progam is a 60-80 hours credential building program that covers the following basic modules: 

1. The role and responsibilities of a tea sommelier
2. Health & Balance in life
3. History & Cultural influence
4. Geography of tea regions
5. Classification & recognition of tea
6. Development of sensory & tastefulness
7. The brewing principles
8. The 10 tea brewing methods
9. Packing & storing
10. Tea blending
11. Tea pairing
12. Tea tonic